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AIR INTAKE KIT I BMW B58 M140i I M240i I 340i I 440i

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If you're looking for the ultimate Cold Air Intake for your BMW B58-powered M140i I M240i I 340i I 440i, the MMR Performance intake kit is simply the most sophisticated and highest-flowing option on the market.

The dual-entry high-flow air filter is at the heart of the intake, fixed into an aluminium bell-mouth design. By removing the OE airbox's inherent restrictions, this intake will support the increased performance outputs that a highly-tuned B58 engine can produce, whilst unlocking a truly addictive soundtrack at the same time. You'll hear the rich induction noise from this race-bred intake the first time you accelerate hard!

BMW B58 M140i M240i 340i Air Intake MMR
The heat-shield is a very important part of this intake kit. It retains the factory cold-air entry feed, plus ensures that this cold, fresh air is shielded away from the heat generated from the turbo and exhaust manifold. The heat shield is also beautifully finished with billet support fixings and stunning, real carbon fibre support rods, looking stunning in the engine bay.

Meanwhile, we've incorporated rubber-mounted billet fixing mounts to allow for compliance under engine-rock and prevent any undesirable NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) from entering the cabin. In other words, every aspect of this intake has been considered and obsessed over in the minutest detail.

Coated in our proprietary anodised finish for durability our Cold Air Intake upgrade will boost your engine's performance, enhance intake noise and engine bay aesthetics all in a matter of minutes thanks to the easy installation - which is also fully reversible with no cutting or permanent modification required. Full install kit of quality stainless steel hose clips and all fitting hardware included - to look good and keep looking good.



  • Increased engine performance
  • Enhanced induction noise
  • High-flow dual-entry cotton gauze air filter
  • Bell-mouth intake pipework
  • Billet aluminium mounting brackets with rubber isolators
  • MMR laser-etched logo
  • Finished in MMR anodised blue
  • Optional crinkle-finish heat-shield
  • Carbon fibre support rods
 Series  Model Code  Year Variant  Engine Codes 
1 Series 
F20/F21 2015 - 2019 M140i,M140iX B58
2 Series  F22/F23 2015 - 2019 M240i,M240iX B58
3 Series F30/F31 2014 - 2019 340i,340iX B58
4 Series F32/F33 2014 - 2019 440i,440iX B58

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AIR INTAKE KIT  I  BMW B58 M140i I M240i I 340i I 440i

AIR INTAKE KIT I BMW B58 M140i I M240i I 340i I 440i