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Power Control Module | BMW G8x M-Cars | M2 | M3 | M4

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Note: Your M-Model must be selected before adding to the cart. The PCM unit is vehicle-specific.

Welcome to MMR PCM; Power Control Module. A plug-and-play increase in power for G-Series M-Cars. Removable and undetectable.

BMW G80 M3 & G82 M4 2021+

BMW G87 M2 2023+

+110 HP & +140 NM

+100 HP & + 100 NM

Unlock unparalleled power, effortlessly.

Maybe your G-Series M-Car can't yet be tuned via conventional methods or you're concerned about the warranty. Well, whatever the reason, not everyone is ready to tune their car through traditional methods; the MMR PCM could be your perfect tuning solution!

What PCM does.

PCM works by using our in-house developed calibration running on our standalone PCB, which communicates in parallel with the factory ECU. This communication route allows the PCM to safely optimise a variety of electronic sensor signals in real time, interfacing between the engine controls and its sensors.

With multiple channels such as charge air pressure, ignition and fuelling controlled by the PCM computer, the result is increased power and torque across the whole powerband of the engine.

We have carried tens of thousands of development miles of rigorous testing on our in-house dyno, on road and on track with numerous calibrations, across multiple cars and different hardware installations, allowing us to find the sweet spot for engine performance, drivability and safety.

Everything you need.

With 12 months of detailed development, our PCM is more than a 'tuning box'. The kit is complete, including a perfect fit wiring loom made especially for the selected vehicle.

Cooled by fins.

The unit itself is housed in a stunning billet aluminium case, finned to ensure adequate cooling plus a beautiful carbon fibre mounting bracket to affix it securely in your engine bay.

PCM vs ECU Calibration.

We're completely honest about this, the PCM calibration is not as sophisticated as a full ECU calibration. To keep the car smooth, safe and reliable, PCM's power levels have to be kept lower than traditional ECU calibrations. But of course, you'll love the power boost you get from PCM, combined with the drivability and efficiency gains.


  • Significant increase in power and torque.
  • Simple installation.
  • Removable and undetectable.
  • Constructed from Billet Aluminium.
  • Anodised in signature MMR Gloss black.
  • Engineered and hand-assembled in the UK.
  • Calibrated in-house by MMR.
  • Vehicle-specific loom and bracket.

     Series  Model Code  Year Engine Codes  Output
    M2 G87 2023+ S58 Low
    M3 G80/G81 2021+ S58 High
    G82/G83 2021+ S58 High

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    Power Control Module | BMW G8x M-Cars | M2 | M3 | M4

    Power Control Module | BMW G8x M-Cars | M2 | M3 | M4

    G87 M2
    G80 M3
    G81 M3
    G82 M4
    G83 M4